Slim Mobile Power Bank
Slim Mobile Power Bank
Slim Mobile Power Bank
Slim Mobile Power Bank

Slim Mobile Power Bank

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For those days you need extra power.

The Slim Mobile Power Bank lets you charge multiple gadgets at the same time. The 14mm design fits right in your pocket and lets you re-juice your smartphone at least 3 times in one go.

For those days when you’re at it from sunrise to sunset, you need your devices to keep up with you. This Slim Mobile Power Bank will refill your smartphone at least 3 times on one charge and let you charge 2 devices at the same time.

A conveniently thin design means you can easily carry it around and an LED light system means you’ll always know how much juice you’ve got left.

With USB, Micro USB and Lightning ports, you can charge any device including your iPhone, Android, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch.

Slim Mobile Power Bank Features:

  • Charge your gadgets on-the-go
  • 10000 mAh to refill your iPhone battery at least 3 times
  • Charge 2 of your devices at the same time
  • 14mm thickness means it’ll go right in your pocket
  • LED light system means you know how much power is left
  • USB, Lightning and Micro USB Inputs
  • Compatible with: iPhone, Android, iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch
  • Comes in 3 colours: Black, Gold and Pink