The Original Laptop Canvas Backpack was first designed in Chicago in the 1960’s. Over 50 years later, it’s more popular than ever. Honestly, the design hasn’t changed a whole lot since the 60’s either. Sure, you’ve got newer, smarter designs with USB Charging and all manner of fancy features. But the original canvas backpack still works today as an everyday carry. Here’s why.

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Classic Design

The design is vintage now. It’s a throwback to a time when design was all about the function and not about cramming all the features into a product you possibly could.

It’s pure, it’s simple. The original canvas backpack still works today because it was designed as a simple, no frills product way before the word ‘minimalism’ was ever invented.


Right Material

It’s made from the right material. If you’ve ever owned a canvas backpack, you’ll know that it’s really comfortable – more like another item of clothing than a backpack.

Canvas is also pretty easy to work with, it’s hard-wearing and doesn’t tear too easily. You can cram all your stuff in and not be worried about making a great big hole in the side.


Storage Space

This is something that’s more important today than it was 50 years ago. These days, it’s not just your lunch and papers you stick in your backpack, but your laptop, tablet, kindle and camera too.

Coincidentally, most original canvas backpacks are just the right size to fit a 15 inch laptop and will easily have room for all your other gadgets too.


I know its cliché and I apologize in advance, but the original canvas backpack still works today because its design was ahead of its time.

It was a pure, simple design before minimalism was even fashionable.

It fit all your gadgets before they were invented.

It’s a vintage backpack that can keep up with your modern life.

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Original Canvas Backpack

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    Original Laptop Canvas Backpack

    Timeless, stylish and surprisingly spacious.
    The canvas backpack is simple, minimalist, but incredibly useful. With room for all your everyday carries, including a 15 inch laptop, whisk your stuff around in style.

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