Hi all, Zac here! Thanks so much for checking out The Urban Upgrade.

I started The Urban Upgrade as a place where I could write about my favourite everyday products. I love nifty little gadgets and items that can upgrade your everyday life.

What is The Urban Upgrade? | Travel | Lifestyle | Technology | Fashion | Men's Style | Gadget | Travel Blog | Life

As a travel blogger, I always loved sharing my experiences of the places we would visit and the things we would see. I’m passionate about travelling, and I always loved it when people told me they had an amazing experience because of something I’d recommended in Zac’s Travel Blog.

The Urban Upgrade is founded on a really similar idea to Zac’s Travel Blog. Only instead of locations, we’re writing about our favourite products. Whether it’s design or convenience, all the products in our collection at The Urban Upgrade have something that we think is awesome.

Here at The Urban Upgrade, what we’re always looking for is that intersection of technology, convenience and style.

What is The Urban Upgrade? | Travel | Lifestyle | Technology | Fashion | Men's Style | Gadget | Travel Blog | Life

Cutting edge products should simplify our lives. Convenient products should give us more time for the important things. Stylish products should be items we’re proud to carry around and share with others.

The truth is, it’s freaking hard to find this intersection – most products go all in on one facet. And hey, that makes for some great products. But we want products that look awesome and crucially, provide value beyond the look.

We’re looking for products that you look at and say “wow that’s a great idea!”

We’re really attempting to be curators of the stuff that you want to use everyday. And not just because it looks awesome. But because it brings you real value every day of the week.

The Urban Upgrade – the intersection of technology, convenience and style.

Here’s 3 recent blog posts about stuff we love right now:

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kimwilbanks · December 31, 2017 at 7:42 pm

I should have checked out your blog before my trip to Scotland! Lol. I will share it with my daughter.

    Zac · January 1, 2018 at 12:35 am

    Thanks Kim! I hope she gets some value from the blog ???? I’ll be looking out for your next posts, you’ve always got some thoughtful content

3 Reasons we love the Canvas USB Charging Backpack - The Urban Upgrade · April 12, 2018 at 10:30 am

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