Always wanting to stay ahead of trends, here at The Urban Upgrade we’re always scouring the backpack market to find the latest and greatest stuff for you guys. So far this year, we’ve seen some interesting concepts at the forefront. In this post, we want to share what we think are the trending backpacks in 2018.

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Anti Theft Backpacks

These things are getting a lot of love, and unsurprisingly – they’re our best seller this year.

They’re USB charging, cut proof, waterproof and keep all your gadgets safe with a really smart hidden zipper design. A firm favorite for our city slickers, they can easily store your laptop, camera, tablet, books and clothes for a big day around town or campus.

In three awesome colors, you can check out ours here:

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    Anti-Theft Backpack with USB Charging

    The Anti-Theft Backpack is the perfect travelling companion.
    A thief’s worst nightmare, hidden zippers keep all your gadgets safe and waterproof material keeps them dry. USB Charging means you can go all day. An advanced storage design means there’s loads of room for all the stuff you use every day.

Anti Theft USB Charging Smart Laptop Backpack Flat Copy 1 600x551

Smart Backpacks

Alongside the Anti Theft Backpack, our whole smart backpack collection is seeing an upturn in interest. As we move closer and closer to the fabled ‘internet of things’ it seems everyone wants a smart everything.

Fortunately, our backpacks are more than keeping up with phone charging features built in and special pockets designed just for your gadgets.


Vintage Backpacks

A really interesting contradiction to everything mentioned above is the inclusion of vintage style backpacks in our trending backpacks in 2018. You all love new technology and of course want your gadgets protected, but a throwback to a vintage style is becoming increasingly popular.

Here at The Urban Upgrade, we’ve tried to curate our collection this year to reflect that vintage style, but allowing for your new gadgets. Nowhere is this more evident than in our Canvas USB Charging Backpack. A real classic style, but with room for your new gadgets and dedicated space for all your tech.

Canvas USB Charging Backpack Brown

There’s your fill guys. These are the 3 things we’ve noticed this year for our trending backpacks in 2018 list. It’s likely we’ll post about this again soon as your tastes change, but until then – thanks for reading!

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