We’ve all needed it. Time away from everything. For some it’s heartbreak, for others it’s a wearisome day-to-day lifestyle. Whatever the reason, a break somewhere remote can be good for the soul. If you’re the kind of person who loves time in the wilderness, consider taking a power bank with you next time. We think traveling nomads need a heavy duty power bank. Here are our reasons why you might pick one up.


The first reason why traveling nomads need a heavy duty power bank is the most important. If disaster strikes and you have a flat battery in your smartphone, you could be in real trouble.

Phoning for help in a real emergency is something we hope you never need to do. But knowing you could power up your phone after 5 days of being on the go gives you (and your parents!) peace of mind.


We recently enjoyed a trip to a remote island in Cambodia for 6 weeks. It was a wonderful experience being away from everything we knew. There was little electricity, but we could still FaceTime home when we felt like it because of our heavy duty power bank.

With over 10 charges of a smartphone in one power bank, it was a really nice bonus to be able to hook up a connection to the other side of the world when we were feeling homesick.

Romoss Mobile Power Bank - Instructions


OK, I get it. You’re there to experience something different. Maybe even to get away from all your gadgets. But having a device that allows you to listen to music or write and store your thoughts can be a wholly different experience when you have the clarity of mind that traveling can offer.

After recently being away from all signs of civilization, we think traveling nomads need a heavy duty power bank because it can actually enhance your experience. As long as you’re making the most of your time in a new culture, it really won’t hurt.

Keep your devices charged for when you’re homesick or come up against a really tough situation.

It won’t hurt to have a little technology as a nomad – really.

We stock one of the largest capacity power banks around at The Urban Upgrade. Its 20000 mAh capacity gives over 10 smartphone charges and a handy LED screen tells you how much juice you’ve got left.

Pick one up for $55 delivered today below:

Heavy Duty Romoss Mobile Power Bank

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    Heavy Duty Romoss Mobile Power Bank

    When you’re travelling long term.
    The heavy duty Romoss Mobile Power Bank is perfect for when you’re unsure where the next mains outlet is. With a staggering 10 smartphone juices on one charge, this power bank is incredibly long lasting. Extra fast charging and a built in LCD screen add to this top of range model.

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