Over the last 5 or so years, we’ve seen minimalist watches fill a niche in the market. Previously, you only had 2 options if you wanted a watch. You could either go for something really expensive like a Rolex or Cartier, or a really cheap and nasty watch. Minimalist watches seem to have filled that middle ground. Quality watches, at an affordable price. We see no reason for this trend not to continue into 2018, so here we present our top minimalist watches of 2018.

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Lvpai Watch

Perhaps our favourite watch right now, the Lvpai watch has a large face and an incredibly simple design. With just lines for numbers and a simple date feature, this watch has everything you need from a watch and nothing more.


A quartz timepiece means you always have the right time, and a leather strap means your watch will go the distance.

We stock the Lvpai watch at The Urban Upgrade with a black or white face and a black or brown strap. Pick one up here for only $25: Lvpai Watch with Leather Strap

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    Lvpai Watch with Leather Strap

    Large face, minimalist lifestyle.
    The Lvpai watch is about having only what you need. Always know the exact time with a quartz timepiece and a beautiful design.

Superior Watch

Perhaps the most stripped back watch in our list of top minimalist watches of 2018, the superior watch foregoes numbers and date features for the purest minimalism feel. Its a beautiful hands only watch.

The stainless steel strap gives the watch a really nice weight and is assured to last.

Pick one up at The Urban Upgrade with a black or white face for only $25 today: Superior Watch with Stainless Steel Strap

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    Superior Watch with Stainless Steel Strap

    The ultimate in simple, minimalist design.
    The Superior watch is a hands only watch. A stripped back design gives you that elegant feel and a stainless steel strap gives you durability and longevity. Always know the exact time with a quartz timepiece and a beautiful design.

Relojes Watch

Quite the intriguing watch, the Relojes series combines the no numbers designs we are fans of in the Lvpai watch, with the stainless strap we love in the Superior Watch.


Perhaps, the biggest draw in this watch is the 5 different designs available. Get a black or white face, then choose from an interesting array of strap colors including gold, silver and rose gold. Pick your favourite up at The Urban Upgrade for only $25 today: Relojes Watch with Stainless Steel Strap

Our list of top minimalist watches of 2018 is all about presenting our favourite stripped back watches. We’re huge fans of this style of watch – we think it says a lot about the wearers personality and lifestyle choice.

Show off a bit about yourself – grab your favourite from our shop today.


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