Why the Original Canvas Backpack Still Works Today

The Original Laptop Canvas Backpack was first designed in Chicago in the 1960's. Over 50 years later, it's more popular than ever. Honestly, the design hasn't changed a whole lot since the 60's either. Sure, you've got newer, smarter designs with USB Charging and all manner of fancy features. But the original canvas backpack still works today as an everyday carry. Here's why.

By Zac, ago

The Wallet that holds Everything you need

Here at The Urban Upgrade, we're big fans of minimalism (if you hadn't already noticed!). We recently made the switch to metal card holders as wallets and it's largely been a great choice. But sometimes, you need a wallet that holds everything. You're looking for something that'll hold all your coins, receipts and cards. As a result, we started looking around for large capacity wallet that we hoped you guys would love. Well, we found one and it's now in stock. Here's why we think you'll love it.

By Zac, ago