Two of the most popular materials in the ring market today, the choice between stainless steel vs titanium rings is always an interesting one. Especially popular in men’s jewelry, stainless steel and titanium are both fine choices for your next ring – or more commonly – for your wedding ring. It’s important to know the differences before you choose and in this post, we’ll compare stainless steel vs titanium rings across 3 important properties.

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You want a ring that’s gonna last a long time. Especially if it’s a wedding ring you’re going for.

Titanium is approximately 3 to 4 times harder than stainless steel. This means a titanium ring is likely to last longer. However, both are designed to last a lifetime – don’t worry, a stainless steel ring won’t run out on you after a couple of years.

Stainless steel can sometimes be prone to rusting too – especially in damp conditions. It’s a good idea to remove a stainless steel ring before going into water. Be sure to polish your stainless steel ring regularly to prevent rust build-up.


Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistance is an important factors in when choosing stainless steel vs titanium rings.

Both metals are scratch resistant. However, stainless steel is virtually scratch proof. A stainless steel ring will keep up with all of your activities and hobbies without worry of scratching or marking. If you plan on passing down a stainless steel ring as an heirloom, this can be a big plus.

Titanium rings, whilst resistance to scratching – can occasionally pick up scratches. To help with this, polish and buffer a titanium ring regularly.


Titanium is the denser material. This means more titanium is needed to make a ring when compared to stainless steel. As a result, titanium rings are often more expensive than stainless steel.

However, the price difference is minimal. Both variants of ring are generally considered affordable – much more so than precious metals like gold or platinum.

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Now that you know the facts, go forth and make an informed decision on stainless steel vs titanium rings.

If you couldn’t tell, the differences are small, subtle and often not noticeable.

Titanium is harder, so likely to last a bit longer. But it can pick up the occasional scratch.

Stainless Steel is less likely to scratch, but more likely to pick up rust.

Honestly, they’re both great choices. Both rings are designed to last a lifetime and with care and maintenance – they should last many lifetimes.

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