Leather wallets are a classic. An institution that most have visited in their lifetime. Leather has been the standard material choice for a wallet since the 1960’s. Now, there’s a new kid on the block. Metal wallets have arrived and look as if they’re gonna be more than a passing fad. We picked up metal wallets in 2017 and we haven’t gone back. Boasting a sleek finish, minimalism and a certain elegance, they’re worth considering for your next wallet purchase. Having owned variants of both, we’re in a position to take a closer look at metal vs leather wallets.

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Wallets should be built to last. Most people don’t get a new wallet every few months – it sticks with you for years. You need a quality material that won’t give out anytime soon.

Pretty quickly, leather starts to show signs of wear. Crease marks appear and your wallet looks aged. Happily, that’s likely to be exactly what you’re looking for. An aged wallet is a classic look. Leather is also tough, unlikely to rip and comfortable in your pocket.

Metal wallets are likely to last longer than leather wallets. Aluminum or carbon fiber are popular materials because they’re light, strong and hard-wearing. They’re often heavier than a leather wallet, but also take up a lot less room in your pocket.

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In the fight of metal vs leather wallets, style is always going to be important. Aside from looks, which are often always individual, you’re looking at what a wallet says about the owner

A leather wallet is a timeless classic. Elegance and quality. A leather wallet says you’re a person who likes things done right. You buy things to last.

A metal wallet says you’re a bit adventurous. You might be an early adopter of new technology. You’re all about efficiency, love fresh ideas and aren’t scared to put yourself out there a bit.



Metal wallets do take a bit of getting used to. They save you loads of room, but getting to your cards is tricky initially. Be sure to pick one up with a money clip so that there’s space for your bank notes. Undoubtedly, you’ll be forced to get rid of all the stuff in your wallet you don’t need. You’re forced into a minimalist approach, that you’ll find enters other parts of your life too.

Leather wallets let you carry everything you need. Often there’s space for your coins and receipts – you won’t have room for these in a metal wallet. Whilst they’re easy to access once you have them in your hand, getting to a crammed leather wallet in your front pocket can be a challenge.

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Metal vs leather wallets. Honestly, we’d suggest trying out a metal wallet for your next pick. It’s important to note they’re not for everyone – if you know you’re a hoarder of receipts then maybe stick with the leather.

But, if you’re looking for a more minimalist mindset, a metal wallet is a great place to start.

We stock fine leather and metal wallets at The Urban Upgrade.

Our favorite genuine leather wallet has room for your stuff and comes in black or brown. Pick that up here:

Baellerry Leather Wallet

  • Wallets

    Baellerry Leather Wallet

    The classic minimalist wallet.
    The stylish Baellerry Leather Wallet has room for your coins, bills and cards. Made from genuine leather, pick one up in your choice of color.

Our aluminum metal wallet carries up to 10 cards and has space for your bills too. You can grab one of those here:

Aluminum RFID Blocking Metal Wallet

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    Aluminum RFID Blocking Metal Wallet

    Safe, simple and a real space saver.
    The RFID Blocking Metal Wallet protects you from wireless fraud, whilst removing the bulk from your everyday carry. Keep up to 10 cards and all the cash you need in this sleek design.

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