So often an extension of ourselves, choosing the right wallet is crucial. Function, form and style are so important when choosing a wallet – but you really to think about what that wallet says about you too. Here at The Urban Upgrade, we’ve tried out many different types of wallets and made sure our wallet collection has a great solution for every wallet seeker. Here’s our 3 step guide on how to choose your next wallet.

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How to choose your next wallet, step #1. Style. There are three distinct styles of wallet you can go for.

First the bi-fold – this is your classic leather wallet style. You’ll usually have room for 4-6 cards and more room inside for bills. Go with this style if you’re after a safe classic. It’ll do exactly what you want. It’ll hold what you need it to and if you go for genuine leather, it’ll be a real quality piece.

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Second, the tri-fold. With three separate sections, these wallets are larger than a standard bi-fold. Two sections for cards, usually holding a few more than a bi-fold, with another large pocket for bills or receipts. A nice feature of this wallet is that the middle section is usually used for either an ID card, or (as we prefer) a nice photo of a loved one. These are best if you need to carry loads of stuff in your wallet, but remember they’re considerably bulkier than the bi-fold.

Finally, the card holder style. Without a doubt, the most stripped back, minimalist wallet design. We switched to these in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. Room for all your cards, and the best ones have a money clip for your bills too. Card holders are lighter and take up us a lot less room than a bi-fold or tri-fold, but you’ll never have room for receipts or coins. It’s a little bit of an adjustment at first, but if you’re the type of person who resonates with minimalism, they’re worth trying out.


After you know what style fits you, choose the material carefully.

Leather is the granddaddy of bi and tri folds, as it ages superbly and looks the part. However, it is usually a bit on the pricey side. If you’re price conscious, consider going with a poly synthetic leather. It’s not real leather, but it’s really hard to tell the difference.

For card holders, go with a quality metal. Aluminum is considered the original as its light and hard-wearing. If you want the best out there though, go with carbon fiber. It’s the strongest and lightest material we’ve seen in a card holder – although you will pay a premium for it.

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Coin Zipper

As almost an afterthought, consider whether you want a coin zipper. If you live in the UK (somewhere where coins actually have an OK value), you may be after a coin zipper and these are often difficult to find.

Alternatively, button clasp pockets are a viable option for your coins too.

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So that’s our guide in how to choose your next wallet. Take some time to think, you’ll have to live with it for the next few years at least.

If you’re a conventionalist, go with a leather bi-fold.

For the hoarder, seek a tri-fold.

If you’re a bit adventurous, try out an aluminum card holder.

Here at The Urban Upgrade, we stock a classic leather bi-fold and a range of card holders. To take a look or get more information go here:

Baellerry Leather Wallet

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    Baellerry Leather Wallet

    The classic minimalist wallet.
    The stylish Baellerry Leather Wallet has room for your coins, bills and cards. Made from genuine leather, pick one up in your choice of color.

Aluminum RFID Blocking Metal Wallet

  • Wallets

    Aluminum RFID Blocking Metal Wallet

    Safe, simple and a real space saver.
    The RFID Blocking Metal Wallet protects you from wireless fraud, whilst removing the bulk from your everyday carry. Keep up to 10 cards and all the cash you need in this sleek design.


PaulSeesTheWorld · February 12, 2018 at 3:13 am

Money clip. Keep it small and simple.

    Zac · February 12, 2018 at 11:15 am

    That’s it Paul, a man who knows what he wants!

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