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The Truth about Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones seem almost too good to be true. A product that can block out all sound and give you complete audio silence seems crazy. They're also usually kinda pricey, so it's a little bit of a risk when you're unsure if they actually work. I've been using a range of noise cancelling headphones for years. Here, I'll talk about why they were founded, what they can do, what they can't do and why you might think about picking up a pair.

By Zac, ago

3 Reasons you should pick up an RFID Blocking Metal Wallet

You've probably seen a pictures of an RFID blocking metal wallet. Yeah, they look kind of cool, but is there any need to get a new wallet? Yours has served you just fine for all these years and how much better can a wallet get? Well, here at the Urban Upgrade, we're really excited about our new RFID blocking metal wallet. Here's why.

By Zac, ago

5 Reasons you need an Anti-Theft Backpack

When choosing your next backpack, you're looking for features and style. You need your backpack to hold the stuff you use everyday and still be something you're proud to wear. Here at The Urban Upgrade, we're really excited about a new product - the Anti-Theft Backpack. It meets your expectations from a backpack, and fulfills some wants you may not be aware you had.

By Zac, ago