Why Leather Wallets are Timeless

Wanna know why leather wallets are timeless? Well, picture this: It's 200,000 years ago. The first caveman buys wood for the first fire from his neighbor. He pulls out his leather wallet (he killed the cow to make it yesterday) from his strip of clothing to make the transaction. Crazy, but leather wallets have really been around that long. OK, so maybe I made that up. But, the point is, leather wallets have been around a hell of a long time. The 17th century in fact (that's actually true I promise!). So, why are we still using leather wallets over 300 years later? We took a good long look at our old leather wallets and came up with reasons why we think people turn to them now, and will for years to come.

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3 Reasons why Wooden Watches are Trending

Advancing craftsmanship means we can now do stuff with wood we couldn't have dreamed of even 20 years ago. Wooden belts, rings and now watches are starting to pop. With a beautiful aesthetic look and that natural feel, we can certainly see why. At The Urban Upgrade, we're huge fans of wooden watches - here's our 3 reasons why wooden watches are trending.

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Headphones & Earphones

Tangle Free Magnetic Earphones

A real first world problem we all have right? I hope we can all agree untangling earphones is a magnificent waste of time. It's something we've all experienced and would love a solution to. We think a recent innovation in this world has somewhat slipped through the cracks. Tangle free magnetic earphones recently came to the fore. Here at The Urban Upgrade, we recently started stocking a pair of tangle free magnetic earphones that we think are not just tangle free, but an all around great product.

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Tungsten vs Titanium Rings

Tungsten and titanium are two of the most popular materials in the men’s jewelry market. Especially popular as wedding rings, both metals have grown in popularity over the 21st century. They do look pretty similar, Read more…

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