For many of us, traveling is a 2018 new years resolution. Exploring new parts of the world, seeing the rural, the urban and satisfying our inner wanderlust. Here at The Urban Upgrade, we’re all about items that can help you travel simpler and with more convenience. We’ve carefully curated a range of products that are all about style and substance. Here’s our list of 2018 must have travel gadgets.

Mobile Power Bank

These things are so simple, yet can provide so much value to the average traveler. Most of us use our devices constantly when traveling. We’re taking pictures with our smartphones, watching movies on our tablets and editing our blog posts on our laptops. The problem is, that takes a lot of juice and most devices have a pretty crummy battery life when you’ve had them for more than 3 months. A Mobile Power Bank can keep your devices going all day, or in some cases, all week. If you’re living the life of a nomad, and you’re not sure where the next power outlet is, these things are a lifesaver.

We wrote a more detailed blog post about Mobile Power Banks here: 3 Reasons why you need a Mobile Power Bank.

You can pick up our Slim Mobile Power Bank which gives your smartphone 3 charges here: Slim Mobile Power Bank

Or our Heavy Duty Mobile Power Bank which gives your smartphone 10 charges here: Heavy Duty Romoss Mobile Power Bank

RFID Blocking Metal Wallet

As a traveler, you’re always looking to save space. Carrying around a bulky wallet in a pair of shorts can be difficult. You’re buying food and activities all the time, so you’ll accumulate loads of unwanted receipts. An RFID Blocking Metal Wallet is a minimalist wallet forcing you to only carry cards and cash. It’ll save you loads of room in your pocket and it even prevents wireless identity theft.

We recently published a more detailed blog post about RFID Blocking Metal Wallets. Read that here: 3 Reasons you should pick up an RFID Blocking Metal Wallet

Pick up our standard wallet in aluminum here: Aluminum RFID Blocking Metal WalletOur carbon fiber wallet is our strongest and lightest wallet.

You can see that here: Carbon Fiber RFID Blocking Wallet

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Next on our list of 2018 Must Have Travel Gadgets is Noise Cancelling Headphones. If you spend lots of time on trains, buses and planes, these are a game changer. Noise Cancelling Headphones will block out low-level background noise so you can really rest (either in total silence or with a high quality sound). Crying babies, the sound of an engine and low level chatter are all things of the past. If you can really rest while in transit, you can spend more time exploring when you get there.

Here’s our detailed post about Noise Cancelling Headphones: The Truth about Noise Cancelling Headphones

And you can pick up our favourite pair here: Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Microphone

Anti-Theft Backpack

The final item on our list of 2018 Must Have Travel Gadgets is an Anti-Theft Backpack. These things bring together style, functionality and smart design. With more features than you can shake a stick at, they’re the best way to carry your gadgets around in 2018. Hidden zippers are a thief’s worst nightmare. An Anti-Theft Backpack is waterproof, weight balancing and reflective. There’s even a place for you to charge your devices.

Read more about the Anti-Theft Backpack here: 5 Reasons you need an Anti-Theft Backpack

You can see our favourite Anti-Theft Backpack in 3 colors here: Anti-Theft Backpack with USB Charging

Our list of 2018 Must Have Travel Gadgets is designed to help you travel more conveniently. These gadgets will all add to your traveling experience in some way. Whether it’s arriving at your next destination refreshed and ready for adventure, or getting peace of mind knowing you’re not a target for pickpockets – these gadgets will add value to your once in a lifetime trips.


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